Ceviche Festival

Ceviche Festival | July 1-28 | Dinner Only 
Celebrate one of Peru’s most iconic, and delicious, dishes with Ceviche Festival! For four weeks during dinner, your five favorite festival ceviches return to the menu alongside our daily offerings. Created by Head Chef Carlos Delgado and his team, each ceviche features fresh seafood and bright, seasonal ingredients.


Ceviche Anticuchero – $17
Smoked mackarel, ají panca leche de tigre, burnt avocado, & potatoes
Ceviche de Carretilla – $17
Octopus, conch, razor clams, fish, red onion, rocoto/ají amarillo leche de tigre, seaweed
Ceviche Chalaco – $17
Fish of the day, rocoto leche de tigre, heirloom tomatoes, fried calamari, milk
Tiradito Nikkei – $18
Tuna tataki, ginger-sesame leche de tigre, pickled daikon and carrots, snow peas
Ceviche Palteado – $16.
Hamachi, avocado leche de tigre heirloom tomatoes, smoked oil