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Multicultural Cuisine
By China Chilcano

The modern culinary landscape of Peru is defined by three distinct cuisines that have combined to create a style of cooking unlike any other in the world. At China Chilcano, the union of Peruvian Criollo, Chinese Chifa and Japanese Nikkei is an exciting journey into a world of exciting culinary juxtapositions.

The culinary foundations of China united with Peruvian flavors and ingredients are what define Chifa – the fusion of two vastly different countries, and an endlessly captivating combination of delicious aromas and tastes.

Representing Spanish and West African influences, Criollo defines the central traits of Peru’s palate, and the long-standing relationship the country has with its indigenous ingredients like aji peppers, potatoes, fruits and grains.
A beautiful representation of Japan’s culinary style executed with Peruvian ingredients, Nikkei combines the delicate qualities of Japanese cuisine with a fresh and spicy punch of Peru.

A wide variety of ceviches awaits you, freshly made at our ceviche bar – celebrating this delicious staple of Peru’s culinary heritage.

We offer one of the best curated selections of Pisco in the U.S., featured in everything from our namesake Chilcano to the classic Pisco Sour to imaginative macerado fruit infusions.